Outstanding Outdoor Installations at The Dumbo Arts Festival

The 2012 Dumbo Arts Festival was not only a showcase of talented artists but it was also a way of transforming the Brooklyn neighborhood with colors, patterns and textures.  Tunnels under the Manhattan Bridge were covered by starscapes and twisting waves of light.  Old buildings by the water were draped in fabric and photos adding a splash of fun to the drab brick structures- and that was only the beginning.  In our opinion, these wonderful displays should be in place year round, but unfortunately most are already gone.

Take a look our photos of the outdoor installations below.

Codex Dynamic

, awesome video projections under the Manhattan Bridge

Silhouettes of Us

Tidal Voyage

in the East River

Hello Niagara

by Amanda Browder draping the old tobacco warehouse

Every Person I Know and Every Person I Don't Know

strategically surrounded by Curtis Kulig tags

Somewhere Under an Inverted Rainbow

made entirely of candy wrappers by Luisa Caldwell

Antique Jenny

on the shore of the East River

Moss Graffiti,

green street art

Hindsight is Always 20/20,

A study in most and least used words in presidential addresses

Molton Iron Spectacular

drawing a huge crowd of pyros

The beautiful

Dumbo Freestyle Canopy

by fabric artist Rachel Hayes

Light Up a Space or Two

by George Kroenert