Skulls, Schoolgirls, & Star Wars @ Bethany Marchman's 'Bless Your Heart'

Jedi girlscouts, banjo playin' possums, and various animal skulls are all vital parts of the Bethany Marchman solo show Bless Your Heart on view now at Boldhype Gallery.

Part creepy, part cute, the show puts her amazing painting skills on display, as well as her knack for kitch. Super classical, elaborate frames are a huge part of the display, adding old world charm to work that is anything but traditional. Bethany uses her work to mesh together history and pop culture, and to reflect on the awkward changes we experience as individuals (see goat in headgear below) and as a society. We couldn't help smiling throughout the whole show, and pointing out the amazing and surprising details in her work. I mean, who doesn't love a bunny smoking a pipe? Bless Your Heart runs until October 6th.

Bless Your Heart

by Bethany Marchman

Boldhype Gallery, 547 W. 27th St.

til' October 6th

Dapper Dan the Bunny Man

Wayward Girl Scout

Bless Your Heart


I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing


Innard Beauty

Playing 'Possum'

Nelly Senior Year