How to Guide: Picking the Perfect Wingtip Boots for Winter

The traditional British wingtip (or brogue) has been back in style for a few seasons now, so it's likely that whether you're a guy or a girl, you've added at least one pair of them to your shoe collection.  But now that fall and winter are coming around the light colored pair you've probably been wearing all summer won't cut it any more.

Don't fret, plenty of designers have you covered for the colder months. From Prada to Bape to Asos, tons of brands have released leather brogue boots to keep your feet warm this winter.  So how do you narrow it down? Check out some of our wingtip boot picks as well as our list of things to consider below.

Clockwise from top left: Aldo - $124, Prada - $850, Mark McNairy - $490, Trickers for A Bathing Ape - $TBD


Price point.  So many brands have released this style that you won't have trouble finding anything, whether your budget is $75 or $1500.


Choose a height. Do you want a taller mid calf 10 hole boot?  A shorter 7 hole boot? Or something that sits right above the ankle?


How about the material? Suede? Full grain leather? Patent?  This one is personal preference, but suede doesn't do very well with water and somebody told me that it tends to snow in the colder months.  I'd stick with a leather or patent leather that is easy to wipe off and can handle the weather.


Ask yourself about the sole, do you want a bright contrasting color?  That might not be the best idea especially for people in parts of the country that get a lot of slush.  It will get dirty quickly and be hard to clean.  What about a flat formal sole? Or a sole with more cushion?  This is an important decision for the wearability and durability of your new brogues.

After all that, you're probably ready to make your decision.  We hope you found the perfect pair!  So what pair did we choose?  We went with a Japanese brand called Wizzard who made a great 7-hole stack soled wingtip boot.  Constructed in a thick black leather with a light weight but tall and rugged black sole, this brogue boot is a slightly non-traditional play on a very traditional style.  They're comfy, easy to walk for hours in, and we love them.  Check out pics below and good luck with your search!

Wizzard Stack Sole 7-hole Wingtip Boot