Nike Lunar Flyknit HTM Fall Release Review

Flyknits? Again? This time it's something slightly different- the ultra limited HTM version of the sneaker.  What is HTM?  It's a special design collaboration between three of Nike's best: Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatflield and Mark Parker and is a designation usually reserved for limited or experimental styles or colorways.  This special pair of Flyknits is part of Nike's third Flyknit HTM release and the only pair we were able to get our hands on here at SOLIFESTYLE.  They released about a week and a half ago here in the USA but they've been dropping at various Nike locations since the Olympics in late July.  You can see all of the other colors in our

Flyknit Collective post


So how is the HTM Flyknit different than the regular

Flyknit Trainer+

?  The most obvious difference is a Lunarlon sole which makes the sneaker's official name the Nike Lunar Flyknit HTM.  The sole makes the shoe much more of a lifestyle wear than a running shoe but also makes them extremely comfortable to walk around in (there is no sacrifice in weight, the shoes still feel like feathers).  The large painted swoosh has been changed to plastic and moved to the heel and finally the HTM lettering has been knit into the tongue and stamped on the insole.

Overall, we love this sneaker but it is debatable whether the shape of the shoe looks better or worse than the general release Flyknit Trainer.  The Lunar sole makes them slightly rounder and less sleek but some will argue otherwise.  If you're curious, the price of the third release of the Nike Lunar Flyknit HTM was $160 ($10 more than the regular Flyknits) and they were limited to 260 pairs across 5 colors. If you're craving a pair and see some at a good price, snatch them up!