Photographer Focus: Zun Lee

Lee obviously has a knack for finding the coolest looking people on the street, and convincing them to be photographed. Using city streets as inspiration, his images illustrate mundane life in a stunning way. They are captivating because they make you want to know the story behind each person. Check out some of his images here, and also on his personal


. You can get to know a little more about the artist by reading a short Q&A below.


Toronto, Canada 

favorite camera

The one I happen to have on me, which is usually the Ricoh GRD4. 

photographers you admire

Anyone who is pushing to advance the craft and who has a unique voice. Among the “legends”, my main inspirations are Helen Levitt, Roy DeCarava, and Eugene Richards. There are also many great flickr contacts whom I care deeply about. 

what makes a great photo

One that tells a compelling story. 

what makes a terrible photo

One that doesn’t. 

why do you love photography?

Photography is about the difference between taking a photo and making a picture: Photos are real and yet they aren’t – one captures a representation of whatever is in front of the lens but by doing so, one removes it from its context. I love photography because I have the liberty and responsibility to create my own context, which forces me to be vulnerable and let others see that. 

do you do any other art?

I used to paint but haven’t done so in many years.