Fashion DIY - COMPLETED Studded Converse High Tops

After a good chunk of time sitting on the floor with my tools and supplies (if you missed the first post on my custom Chuck Taylor All Stars you can learn more about what it took to begin work on my DIY Converse here) my shoes are finally complete.  It probably took 6 or 7 hours over 3 days to complete the studding process and most of that time was spent on a relatively small amount of spikes which needed to be stabbed through the reinforced heel section of the sneakers.  My left thumb and index finger are still slightly sore and I finished work Saturday morning.

There were times where it was easy to get caught up on one particular stud which looked out of place but once the whole shoe was completed you can barely notice one spike slightly out of alignment.  The final step, at the suggestion of my friend Mike was to remove the white laces in favor of black which definitely gives them an edgier and cleaner look.  Overall it was definitely a good decision to make the shoes for $60+ rather than buy a 'high fashion' pair for $400+.

Check out the completed pics of my custom Studded Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops below!!