Fashion DIY: Studded Converse High Tops

Remember about 2 weeks ago when I posted about the brand Gienchi and remarked that if you had a little free time and $65 you could do it yourself?  Well, I decided to take that challenge myself, because anybody can make a claim but not everybody can back it up with a real project.

Let's start with the necessary components of the project:

1. Converse.  I was able to get a deal on the shoes, 2 pairs for $70 which I split with Sooz.  Therefore this pair I'm working on was $35.

2. Flathead screwdriver.  This should be available to borrow for a friend or already in your home toolbox.

3. Awl.  A small and perfectly good awl will cost you literally $1 online.

4. Spikes or studs.  I opted for screw-back spikes to avoid getting stabbed in the foot constantly by studs with fold-down sides.  I was able to work directly with a factory in China to get 1000 of these for $100.  The pair of shoes will use about 2-300 spikes so about $25.

Therefore the whole project will run about $62 which is under my $65 claim!

I've just started the project tonight and my studded Converse are already well on their way.  I'll be sure to post the completed spiky kicks in their completed awesomeness in the coming days.  Until then, enjoy my work in progress photos.