KAWS 'Pass The Blame' at Galerie Perrotin

While downtown NYC gets treated to the 20 foot Companion statuesKAWS gives the Upper East Side neighborhood a more fine art approach.  The Pass The Blame show at Galerie Perrotin is all paintings done by KAWS on special canvases shaped like popular cartoon and comic book characters- if you look carefully you can spot Snoopy, Felix the Cat and Garfield amongst others.

The gallery building, which is really old world NYC, plays off of the brightly colored canvases to create a very cool juxtaposition of old and new, the same way that the canvases of classic cartoon and comic characters which are filled in with KAWS' contemporary patterns and imagery do.  Although we recommend the Mary Boone show for the shock and awe factor,

Pass The Blame is also worth checking out if you're a fan of the artist.

KAWS - Pass The Blame

Galerie Perrotin - Until December 21, 2013

909 Madison Avenue

Upper East Side, NYC