Secret street art show #surpluscandy, brought to you by Hanksy

Secret street art house party? We're in.

When I saw a bunch of artists on Instagram posting pics with the hashtag #surpluscandy, I knew I had to figure out where all this crazy stuff was going down. Thanks to a few tips, we found it in alphabet city on Friday night, and I'm so glad we did.

A ton of street artists took over a 3-story brownstone that's slated for total gutting in the near future. Organized and curated by hanksy, the show featured an amazing assortment of artists, including: Enzo & NioObeyMrsMoustacheManASVPFoxxFaceElleDeeDeeChoice RoyceIcy & SotToneTankAlice MizrachiRussell KingBishop203El Sol 25Sonni StudiosGilfKC Burney, and way more.

Everyone was told to come and go as fast as possible, so we hurried our way through, almost falling down questionable staircases and stepping over a healthy amount of broken glass. Every room was decked out - bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces. The experience was like an art scavenger hunt, and everyone and their mom (and us) was instagramming. There was something to discover around every corner, and we felt like we were in a secret street art heaven. Check out some of our photos below, and search #surpluscandy on Instagram to check out other's photos from the one-night-only event.