Tre Truck: Skate Shop on Wheels

You can buy ice cream, art and clothing from various specialty trucks, so why can't you buy a skateboard from one too?  That's pretty much the idea behind Tre Truck which started about a year ago peddling complete skateboards along side various other skate supplies from over 30 brands out of their silver truck.  The staff are all skaters themselves so if you need some help, Tre is also a mobile skate consulting service.  As if skate related goods and info weren't enough, they also sell yummy treats to celebrate when you stick that 360 flip you've been practicing for the last month.

We ran into the Tre crew chilling and skating at Astor Place, a popular spot for boarders in the East Village. But the truck pops up wherever there are skaters in need of gear.  The concept is sound, who in Manhattan hasn't lost their board to an unfortunate end under the wheels of a cab or snapped one while grinding a rail without any proximity to a shop.  With Tre Truck the answer to your problems is sitting right on the corner.

Catch them on Twitter and Facebook for their current location