High Class Sporting - The 20th Annual Philadelphia Cricket Festival

Americans are probably looking at this picture thinking the slightly worn red orb above is probably some sort of glorified bocce ball with nice stitching... at least that's probably what I would think.  In reality, it's a cricket ball.  I mean, it doesn't get much more lifestyle than cricket- guys with British accents wearing white outfits that make them look like they're members of high society slapping a fancy red ball with a paddle and running back and forth.  This is my kind of game! Though honestly, I have absolutely no idea what is happening.

This past weekend was the 20th annual Philadelphia Cricket Festival which featured 18 international teams playing for glory in the suburbs of Philly.  The tournament touts itself as the biggest cricket competition in the United States though I'm not sure what that means considering the level of confusion trying to understand cricket causes the average American...probably similar to a person in Malaysia trying to understand American football.  The tournament was kind enough to post the rules for those brave enough to attempt to teach themselves what was going on while watching the matches, and I think I sort of understand the gist now.  But, in any case, with position names like Leg Gully, Silly Mid Off and Square Short Leg, what's there not to love?!  

See some photos of the 2012 Philadelphia Cricket Festival below.