Photographer Focus: Lisa Geue

Lisa's photos all have an abstract quality about them, yet they are all heavily grounded in nature and connected to the natural world. She obviously loves the way water bends and plays with light, creating unusual patterns and images that she captures beautifully in her work. There's a definite tranquillity and calmness in her photos that takes you to a simpler place and forces the viewer to relax, if only for a few seconds, before going back to real life. 

Check out more of Lisa's work on her website, and read a short Q&A with the artist below.

location born near fields and forests. now living in leipzig, germany favorite camera the most simple one. an exa 1c. favorite subject matter to shoot pure things like the people around me I adore. nature, lights, forests, the masks we are wearing sometimes. photographers you admire susan sontag. and the dreamers... francesca woodman, and the ones we already did forget. what makes a great photo the one that makes you remember things and emotions you already forgot. some feelings you thought you would never feel again. what makes a terrible photo a too photoshopped one that doesn't even looks like a photo anymore. why do you love photography it reminds you of times and feelings you felt once. feelings you always wanted to be captured. do you do any other art? I also adore filming. if I'm sure my short films will express the emotions I want them to, I will publicize them.