mike's On The Rocks Launch Pad Sweepstakes & Daily Prizes

Attention New Yorkers and Chicagoans (?), looking for good drinks and fun parties: mike's Hard Lemonade has just introduced mike's ON THE ROCKS (mOTR), and tons of awesome prizes to go along with it - you could win a free party for you and your friends. 

mike's ON THE ROCKS is a new line of mixed-drink inspired beverages that are perfect pre-gaming material. With parties in mind, mike's is hosting the Launch Pad Sweepstakes. By entering, you have a chance to win an awesome dude's night party in New York or Chicago. The parties, which are given away weekly until April 28th, come complete with XBOXs, foosball tables, dartboards, flat screen TVs, pool tables, and plenty of mOTR for you and 19 friends.

To enter the contest, just visit the mike's Facebook page. Facebook fans can enter once a day to win everything from a the Launch Pad Party, to a dashing mustache wall clock to a 50" Plasma LCD TV. Tomorrow SOLIFESTYLE will be test driving the Launch Pad Party and we'll be back (if we're still alive post-party) to report on all the awesome details.