Yummy Armory Arts Week Leftovers

Rather than overdosing you on art related posts over the last two weeks, we've saved some of our favorite Armory Arts Week artists for when you were least expecting it- now!  With so many amazing artists showcased at both The Armory Show and Volta it was hard to give each their own post, so we've wrapped another four international artists into the post below.
The photos above and below show artist Wang Du's, Image Absolue.  Wang creates sculptural artwork out of iconic images in the media to make them more concrete and tangible.  On display at the armory show was a herd of Osama Bin Laden busts created from the cover image of a French periodical.

Daniel Knorr crafted his 2-Dollar Pigs (shown below) in true origami fashion.  We like the idea of super-sizing a craft we're all familiar with and the way the dollars are written on.  I also can't help but think that making pigs out of dollar bills is some sort of political message. Hmm.

I think both Sooz and I agree that our absolutely favorite artist shown over the arts week was Rik Smits.  The dutch artist, whose work, The Ministry of Legal Offices of the Vanishing Ecclesia is shown below, draws massive cityscapes, solitary buildings, and landscapes out of pencil.  His style focuses on architecture in an altered reality where the buildings mimic the American art deco style.  We can't imagine how long it must take to draw a 6 foot tall city with just a pencil, but the tones and detail he is able to achieve are truly impressive.

In the bizarre category was Wilmer Wilson IV's I Voted.  The artist (in the images below), was perched on a stool, and spent all day covering himself in 'I Voted' stickers while surrounded by photos of himself covered in 'I Voted' stickers.  We tried to ask him for commentary but his mouth was stickered shut!  Maybe next year...