Young Designers Fashion Event @ the Empire Hotel Rooftop

Fashionistas flocked to the Empire Hotel Rooftop Friday night to see a fashion show featuring collections by three young designers, Barksdale, The Naked Roots Collection, and Nippy Lavern. The event was hosted by Herbert Fox and The Art of Fashion.

We attended mainly to support our friend and creative genius Marianna Barksdale, who presented her latest punky, dark collection titled 13 Assassins, which was funded by a very successful campaign on Kickstarter. To view the edgy fashions in all of their glory, check out the 13 Assassins official lookbook

The rooftop was totally packed, so here are the few successful photos from the night, before we were almost trampled to death.

13 Assassins by Barksdale

The Naked Roots Collection

We got pushed around too much trying to take photos of the collection by the third presenter, Nippy Lavern. Someone sat on Paul's head. It was truly a life or death situation. To learn more about all of the designers, check out the links to their respective websites below.

Barksdale website, Facebook The Naked Roots Collection Facebook Nippy Lavern Facebook