Nicholas K S/S 2012 Collection

Nicholas K proves they're still my favorite lesser-known brand with their Spring/ Summer 2012 collection.  Before you start complaining and asking why they're making dark colored clothing during the happiest time of the year... I'm just going to let you know that that's what Nicholas K does.  They make dark, rugged, Mad Max-like clothing.  And they do it really well.  Their construction and material usage is of the highest quality and even more importantly, their clothing fits amazingly well.

For 2012 Nicholas K is making use of their usual dark grey, olive drab, and black color palate but they've tossed in a little bit of blue and white for good measure.  They're still making hooded shirts, blazers and sweaters with dramatic draping effects but I assume that the materials will be lighter in weight and there are more shorts and cropped pants than in the winter season.  Overall another solid collection from the designer. You can see more and shop the collection on their webstore.