Trend Watch: Printed Backpacks

Since Japan is usually a year or two ahead of the rest of the world in terms of what's cool I'll do you a favor and tell you that printed backpacks are 'it' for the next few seasons.  Forget that subtle canvas and leather thing you've been carrying around during the summer.  In Japan, fashion seems to be over the minimalist rut it's been trapped in from 2009-2011 and now bold patterns are back.

I've done a bit of research and found my top printed backpack picks in a variety of price points.  All the bags are available at (a japanese online mall) which conveniently ships internationally.

From left to right:
Navri'k Tribal Print Backpack.  This one is definitely the most subtle of the lot but the tribal print still sets it apart from the pack (and the other kids in your home town) and the price is reasonable at roughly $120.

MCM x Phenomenon Tiger Camo Backpack.  Luxury bag maker MCM collaborates with Phenomenon once again on this orange tiger camp leather bag.  The price is very high at $1300, but necks will be broken.

Atmos Leopard Print Backpack.  Sneaker boutique and brand Atmos gives us a classic leopard print bag.  Leopard is also popular here in the states for men these days, but I've yet to see a leopard backpack for sale at a reasonable price like this one. $120.

Clothes Wood Grain Backpack.  This nylon backpack features a bright orange faux wood grain print which makes for an interesting visual.  Perfect for setting you apart from the sea of black and grey during the winter months. $220.

Midwest Camo Rucksack.  A bit bigger than the rest of the bags, Midwest's camo bag is certainly more functional and the camo print is a staple year in and out making it the most likely to be a worthwhile investment. $160