A.S.V.P. Collab Party @ L'asso NYC Recap

What can we say? A.S.V.P. has done it again.  This time the artist duo has created a formal presentation and mural which have been integrated into L'asso Restaurant in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan.  The framed and neatly presented work is definitely a change from the guerrilla wheat pastes we're used to seeing from A.S.V.P. but it all looked amazing.

Soho is familiar territory for A.S.V.P. but I've never seen their work on such a large scale.  The centerpiece of the party, which took place this past Thursday night, was a huge mural covering the metal screens used to protect L'asso at night.  Created over roughly 30 hours, the mural features a chinese opera, clad in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleading uniform, riding a bull.  The contrast of the vibrant red background against the black and white cowgirl is visually amazing.  To fully complete L'asso's transformation into A.S.V.P. territory, the restaurant's entrance was also coated in the artists' signature work like Future Cop and Down to Earth Baby with prints on display inside.

For solifestyle, the chance to see such pristine versions of A.S.V.P.'s work was a rare pleasure.  We often encounter their pieces on the street, but all too often they are partially covered or worn down from being exposed to the elements.   Another pleasure was the chance to mingle with other artists and fans of A.S.V.P. and to learn a little bit about the murals which coat L'asso's other wall (see below).  They were created by the street artist Dima, who we know virtually nothing about, but we will be researching him over the next couple weeks in hopes to bring you more info.

Being involved in this party was a great experience for us and we look forward to bringing you more street art coverage in the future.