Jewelry by thefuturefuture

I always get excited when I find clothing and accessories made of mixed or non-traditional materials.  So, when we discovered thefuturefuture at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, we felt that it wasn't only the most interesting table there, but that it definitely warranted its own post.

thefuturefuture's jewelry is designed, then printed, using high-tech nylon as a medium, with a 3-D printer.  The result are pieces that are very light and very durable.  They also have a cool texture as you can see in some of the pictures.  The only time we ever encountered this production method in the past was at Still House in NYC's East Village.  thefuturefuture's designers, who are also architects, told us that they also work with metal and some of the metal jewelry has recently popped up on their online store.