Comme des Garcons Play Box @ Siam Discovery, Bangkok

In Bangkok, where counterfeit goods reign, there is still a significant market for the real deal.  

Club 21, the most well known authentic Comme des Garcons retailer in Thailand has opened a pop-up shop, or maybe a cube, called Play Box in the Siam Discovery mall.  Club 21 is a lot like I.T, a retail giant that owns the rights to sell and distribute high end fashion within South East Asia, and this tiny shop was fully stocked with every CDG Play style and design conceivable.  Covered in the polka dots for which CDG has become known, the store is an amusing way to sell an in demand product.

From the Matt Groening collaborations to the standard black, red and green hearts I had trouble finding exactly what I wanted.  Play Box even stocks Thailand exclusive items which cannot be found anywhere else but in Club 21 locations.  Outside the mall, a giant mural featuring the Matt Groening Binky character and the play imagery covers the window to complete the look.

Comme des Garcons - Play Box

1st floor, Siam Discovery Shopping Mall

Siam Neighborhood, Bangkok, Thailand