Uniqlo +J Fishtail Parka

Uniqlo's highly acclaimed +J collection has always been coming out with top-notch items. For their final collection, they dropped some of their best outerwear yet. The must have item from this collection for me was this fishtail parka. Mostly overlooked because of its unorthodox fit and styling, this was a great piece that displayed Jil Sander's clean and modern styling alongside Uniqlo's use of high quality materials.

Worn with Dior jeans & Visvim FBT
The parka itself is a shell made with Uniqlo's Block Tech material, which makes this piece wind proof and water resistant, almost like Gore-Tex. The fact that its a shell makes it even more awesome because it can turn any light outerwear or knit pieces into a functional winter item.

Since this is meant to be worn over a few layers, it is a bit wide around the arms but torso fitting is cut just right. For a short person like me, longer items look awkward, but the parka's proportions were on point! This might not be for everyone (even I was unsure of how much I'd like it at first, but that quickly changed!) but it is definitely a great piece from their final collection.