November Red Collection 0 'There Are No More Heroes' Release

Fall is right around the corner and brands are starting to bring out their new collections.  November Red is doing the same.  They will be releasing what they've dubbed 'Collection 0' today- both online at November Red and in-store at 5&A Dime San Diego.

Titled 'There Are No More Heroes,' the collection features bold text and graphics presented on a wide variety of colored tees.  The title stems from the idea that in modern society we lack the great leadership and heroism that helped shape America into what it is today.  In line with the title, the shirts feature recognizable American propaganda iconography blended with images from pop culture.  The result is something familiar yet very unique and pretty damn awesome.  The images below and above are our favorite shirts from the release.  We especially like the selective use of the color red which really sets the American Flag and dollar bill graphics off.  Each of the 8 total styles will be limited to 50 pieces and priced at $29. Make sure to hit the November Red webstore today to buy them.