Madewell Magazine #1 Fall 2011

If you're on Madewell's mailing list odds are you probably got or will be getting their first issue of Madewell Magazine.  Glancing at it's cover I figured it was just a hardcopy catalog (something brands geared toward a younger audience rarely do these days) but it turns our Madewell thought smart and made it more like a magazine.  Inside issue #1's pages, readers will find a look book, previews of the f/w 2011 season, a style guide, and some other tidbits like a Q&A with a rising musical talent.  Also the presentation and photography are both spot on.  True to the usual style of J.Crew's hipper younger sister, this season of Madewell looks to be filled with edgy preppiness and workwear inspired goods.  If you got the magazine, let us know what you think in the comments.