Unique New York: Governors Island

Governors Island was formerly used as a military facility by British and American forces for nearly 200 years, and more recently by the Coast Guard. Now, it's used by New Yorkers as a huge, and kind of creepy, park and place to drink. The creepy part comes from the fact that all of the buildings on the island have been abandoned since 1996, and they show it. While biking around the perimeter of the island, we found that most of the interior was fenced off, and contained decrepit buildings, no doubt with ghosts inside. On a less creepy note, Governors Island is full of amazing photo ops, and is a nice place to relax for an afternoon. The ferry to the island is free and constantly running, so why not? At least you can say you were, "on a boat". 

Check out the rest of our photos from our day trip to the island after the jump. 

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