The Lot on Tap at The High Line Park

Since the super popular High Line has been extended to 30th street, there have been a bunch of fun events going on to celebrate.  Our favorite was, without a doubt, Rainbow City.  But right next to the open lot used for the balloon playground is a beer garden setup by Tom Colicchio of Top Chef fame.  We ventured there for a beer on Saturday night to see if it was worth adding it to our usual summer routine.  The answer is short- it wasn't.  The lot has it made in the munchies department with several great food trucks (like Kimchi Taco) on hand to serve food while you booze.  Let's just say that in just about every other department is lacking.  The lot is a haven for out-of-towners fresh from exploring The High Line (not a problem) but it is also a haven for guys and girls dressed to the 9's like they're going to the club (note: The Lot is literally a concrete blacktop with picnic tables, don't pretend it's something else).  'Interesting' crowd aside, buying a beer is also a pain.  You need to first line up for a beer ticket then line up again at the bar to buy a beer.  Meaning if you wish to avoid two lines you need to decide in advance how much you want to drink.  Not cool.  We will not be going back.  There are plenty of other outdoor places to drink beer that are much more exciting.  At least the lights and big billowing umbrellas looked cool.