Good Eats: Kimchi Taco Truck

We first mentioned Kimchi Taco back in January, but we finally gave it a shot.  Korean food is one of my staples and I'm pretty down with Mexican as well, so when I stumbled on the Kimchi Taco truck I made sure to give it a try.  Trucks are the new thing - you don't need to rent a storefront and you can move shop to where the market is, so I almost felt lucky running into Kimchi Taco at the new Tom Colicchio beer garden (The Lot) at 30th and the High Line Park.  We waited a short time in line to order their signature pork kimchi tacos as well as a big side order of kimchi... did I mention I love kimchi? The food was great but a small part of us does miss the atmosphere of a physical dining space.  If you come across the truck, we recommend you give it a try.  It's an interesting twist to a NYC food truck classic and as you can see it drew a small crowd even in the rain.