Why Would You Buy That: Gallery1950 x Uniform Experiment Rug

Gallery1950 always teams up with expensive Japanese streetwear brands to produce cool rugs.  They've done collabs with Neighborhood, Fragment Design and Original Fake to name a few.  But their latest collaboration with Uniform Experiment is just not working... at all.  Yes, Uniform Experiment is sometimes known for using this color chart pattern on garments; but in this case, with no logo and on a floor mat, this pattern is a fail.  It either a) looks like it belongs in a preschool that's teaching children about colors or b) looks like you have no taste.  The only place that this rug would look OK is in a house furnished in all white, and I'm guessing that your house isn't.  But let's pretend this floor mat makes total sense, would you really pay over a hundred dollars for it when I'm sure something similar is available at Ikea or any number of other stores for a sixth of the price? Hmmm.  It makes you wonder.