Japan Block Fair NYC

For all those interested in Japanese food, goods, or overall culture, the Japan Block Fair is an event you won't want to miss! I know for me especially, after visiting Japan last year, I feel as though it is my second home. Since the earthquake/tsunami, I'm not sure when I'm going to visit again so this festival is just what I needed.  The Japan Block Fair will offer a variety of shows ranging from COSPLAY (Japanese costume play often including anime characters) to traditional dance and samurai performances. Also, there will be a wide range of Japanese products including handmade jewelry and traditional wraps available for purchase. I am most excited to try all the different kinds of Japanese street food, my favorite, of course being Ramen noodles!

Sunday May 22: 11am-6pm RAIN OR SHINE
Park Avenue (between 39th and 40th street)
Midtown East, NYC

(written by Tricia)