Unique New York: The World's Largest Dinosaurs @ AMNH

Dinosaurs are solifestyle.  Do you really need me to justify that statement?  These insanely epic creatures kicked major ass for 140 million years (before having their asses kicked) and are being shown on a whole new scale as of now at the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan.  This exhibit takes a new approach to dinosaur displays which tend to focus on the fearsome T-Rex and other carnivorous species.  AMNH will shed light on the biology behind the largest dinosaurs, the sauropods, which grew to lengths of 150 feet.  Visitors will be able to learn about how they ate, breathed, moved and reproduced with life-sized models (60 foot long Mamenchisaurus? YES!) and displays.  Sounds like a must visit to us.

Tickets are available for purchase here.