iPhone App: Camera+

Seeing as we're so devoted to photography here at solifestyle and it's been months since we've brought up an iPhone app, we thought we'd profess our love for the Camera+ app.  In summary, Camera+ takes the camera on the iPhone and makes it do the things that you wished the stock application would do.  The app costs $1.99 and lets you adjust the exposure, use the flash as a lighting tool, gives you a stabilizer for increased clarity and modifies the digital zoom for better results.  The app also comes with editing tools to increase a photo's vibrance, digitally add flash after the fact and look at info about the photo like where exactly it was taken.  Camera+ is more than worth the $1.99 it costs, in just a few seconds your photos will be looking great and you won't ever need to edit them on your computer before uploading them to Twitter or Facebook.