Photographer Focus: Tim Fulmer

Having dabbled in street photography, we here at solifestyle know how hard it is to get that amazing photo when you have absolutely no control of your surroundings. Photographer Tim Fulmer really knows how to capture those moments at the click of the shutter. What I love about these photos is how unabashedly he gets in people's faces, and it really pays off. Check out a brief bio and more of his work after the jump.

name Tim Fulmer
location San Francisco, Calif.
favorite camera Nikon F3 film SLR
random fact about yourself Have lived and worked on 3 continents
favorite subject matter to shoot people
photographers you admire William Klein, Daido Moriyama, Eugene Smith, Bob Richardson 
what makes a great photo emotional intensity 
what makes a terrible photo intellectual formality 
why do you love photography I enjoy the challenge of communicating through images rather than words 
do you do any other art? experimental fiction

See more of Tim's work at his Flickr page.