Why Would You Buy That: Linda Farrow x Jeremy Scott Hands Sunglasses

Linda Farrow has a talent for bringing innovation to the world of eyewear each season.  Consequently, the brand now collaborates with some of the most cutting edge designers in the world like Alexander Wang and Raf Simons.  On the stranger end of its well regarded collections is the on going Jeremy Scott collaboration.  This year, among the styles offered are the Hands.  They aren't really glasses because they don't have lenses.  So what exactly are they?  Facial ornamentation? I'm not exactly sure.  They give the appearance that a very skinny lady is sneaking up behind you.  The word creepy comes to mind.  Nonetheless, if you've been envisioning something like this for years and they're exactly what you're heart desires- you can buy them here for $259.

Photo from Doshaburi.