Why Would You Buy That: Levi Maestro Infinity Piece

So when I first saw this I thought it looked like one of those broken knockoff watches you buy on Canal St.  Then I saw there were no hands on it, so it's not actually a watch, and that dropped it down to the level of a cereal box toy. And then I read that it costs $85 and I laughed out loud.  If it's supposed to be jewelry then don't make it look like a watch, or if it's supposed to be a watch then it should tell time.  This is neither functional nor designed well and I'm pretty sure it won't impress the ladies (especially if a hot chick happens to ask you for the time).  I also read the long-winded explanation about how you can achieve anything and I'm pretty sure me paying you $85 for this is not going to make my dreams come true.   Thank you Levi Maestro for bringing nothing to the table here.  If you actually like this 'Infinity Piece' please leave a comment below and tell me why. To throw your money away, click here.