Unique New York: USA Memory Championship

Ever feel like your memory is slowly fizzling into mush as you grind away 9-5?  If you want to make yourself feel even worse about it, you should stop by the 14th Annual USA Memory Championship this Saturday (March 12th) in NYC.  At this event, the people with the greatest memorization skills, photographic memories, and overall mental toughness converge to test themselves across seven events to determine who reigns supreme.  Events include memorizing 100 consecutive random words in 15 minutes and 15 minutes to memorize 99 faces with first and last name.  The thought of these challenges is so crazy it makes me feel like my head is going to explode... though it would be funny to see one of these guys school a small child in a card matching game. Is that mean?  (photo from the official website)

USA Memory Championship
4 Irving Place (at 14th St.)
Union Square East, NYC