Good Eats: Caffe e' Vino Fort Greene

On a street at the edge of Fort Greene, Caffe e' Vino is cooking up some seriously delicious Italian food.  We wandered in not really knowing what to expect.  I mean, next door was a run down gift shop pushing I <3 NY T-shirts.  But the menu looked appetizing and we took the plunge.  The restaurant is small and finished with vintage touches and dark woods, making the atmosphere homey and traditional.  Service was prompt and attentive, and unlike so many restaurants in NYC there was a peaceful calm inside.  But really, it's the food that makes the difference.  Everything we ordered was prepared to perfection from the diet coke in a glass bottle with lemon, to the fettuccine with veal ragu sauce.  Think we could get them to open up next door to us instead?

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Our time at Caffe e' Vino was very pleasant, and from what we could tell, it looked like they had a garden in the back for when it gets warmer.  Outdoor dining always gets points in our book, so we'll have to come back in a month or two.  The exposed brick wall and the old wooden tables really gave us the feel of a low key restaurant in the countryside of Italy and the meal was just like my grandma would have made if she was Italian.  Or at least that's how I envision it.  Caffe e' Vino comes with a strong recommendation which puts it in our Good Eats category, rather than Food for Thought.

Caffe e' Vino
112 Dekalb Ave (at Ashland Place)
Fort Greene, Brooklyn