Burberry Prorsum Women's Leather Biker Jackets

A quality leather jacket is a necessary item in any wardrobe and in recent years the leather double riders jacket which was so popular with the punk movement in the 80's has seen a return to prominence.  Marked by a side overlapping zipper, the double riders style has been replicated by all brands that produce leather and pleather outerwear from H&M to Diesel to Gucci.  The past two seasons, Burberry Prorsum has stepped up to the plate and produced some of the most high-end and detailed leathers to-date.  My favorite has got to be the spiked and studded black leather piece to the right, but I'm not sure if the nearly $6000 price tag is justified as a few hours with an awl and some cheap metal studs could do the same to a regular jacket.  The two jackets to the left are a close second and third; the black one at the top has a double breasted look and biker padding on the arms, while the bottom takes a non-traditional route with the khaki color and peacoat style buttons.

All three are available from Net-A-Porter.