Brand Profile: Head Porter

More Japanese brands on solifestyle? Yep, you got it.  Japanese brands are constantly on the cutting edge in high fashion, streetwear and accessories.  Today, we're all about Head Porter: the nylon-centric, fashion conscious collaboration between the great Yoshida Kaban Company and Hiroshi Fujiwara.  The brand started in 1998 and has been a sought after commodity ever since.  They produce all manners of bags and accessories, from iPad and iPhone cases to large backpacks and duffle bags.  Their styles are generally produced in conservative colors and patterns (par for the Fujiwara course).  But recently, Head Porter has been stepping outside their conservative roots with their Savanna and Snow Leopard animal print lines.

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Not to be confused with Porter, which sells more widely available but similarly styled bags, Head Porter is more expensive and sought after.  Items are regularly sold out of their stores and their online shop, and resellers have been known to make good money on Head Porter, especially when the brand collaborates with other hyped Japanese brands like Original Fake or Bedwin.

My experience with the brand has been all positive.  The goods are well crafted, durable and the minimal design keeps them stylish with all outfits.  I've been using a HP iPhone case for years, and I have a small black duffle that goes with me around the city when I have lots of stuff to carry.

Here in NYC we were once lucky enough to have our own Head Porter flagship store, located in the same building the old Stussy store on Wooster St. in SoHo.  The shop closed several years ago, but you can still purchase Head Porter at Reed Space in NYC.  In Japan, there are two dedicated HP stores, one in Tokyo and the other in Nagoya.  For the rest of the world, you can purchase through a reseller or the Head Porter International Online Shop.

Photos from Head Porter