Prada Tessuto Camouflage Messenger Bag

Camo is always cool.  It's urban, stylish and on an accessory it works with almost any outfit- especially something casual.  Prada's line of Tessuto camouflage bags fit the bill, they're made of light weight fabric with heavy duty metal buckles and leather accents. solifestyle went with the messenger bag for overall functionality, it fits a laptop or your digital camera(s) and has different pockets to hold everything else you would normally stuff in your pockets.

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The camo print on the bag is tonal green or grey depending on which you decide to purchase, and the fabric changes shades ever so slightly in different lights.  The print also has a slight distressing applied to it for a really unique look.  Of course, you'll find Prada written on the bag in various places, including the signature triangle emblem but the branding is very subtle.  Overall it's a great purchase if you can handle the price tag.  I've been using it to carry around my cameras when I'm shooting for the blog!