Good Eats: Magnolia Bakery

Diet? What diet? You might as well forget you were even trying to keep the pounds off when you wander into Magnolia Bakery because you're going to want EVERYTHING.  Known for their delicious cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery has grown from a cramped corner store in the West Village into a New York City institution and tourist attraction.  Since the original owner sold the business in 2007, they've added four additional locations to their lineup- Columbus Circle, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station and Los Angeles, California.  Some diehard fans may think they've sold out but I've been eating their cupcakes since 2005 and the only difference I notice is my waistline getting bigger.

Check out some great photos of the bakers and cupcakes after the jump.

What: Literally the best cupcakes in NYC.  You know they're doing it write when Saturday Night Live writes a digital short about eating them. The staff is young and friendly and will happily give you advice if you need it.
How Much:  $2.75-4 depending on the flavor of cupcake.  They also offer full sized cakes, cookies and other sweets.
Avoid the Crowd: If you don't want to wait in line, stay away from the West Village location.  At Rockefeller Center or Columbus Circle you get the same awesome cupcakes without the stress.
Red Velvet: I'm drooling just thinking about them.  Make sure to try one if it's your first time to Magnolia.  They are, for lack of a better phrase, out of this world.