Supreme x Vans Old Skool '92

Supreme and Vans have a long history of collaboration together, they've joined forces on at least one shoe every one of the past few seasons.  This past summer's model- the Old Skool '92 is one of the easiest Vans models to wear and the black colorway makes this pair of sneakers a great option for a casual day around the city in the cold months of winter when your light colored shoes would get ruined in the snow. Also- who doesn't like snakeskin? So luxury... I mean lifestyle.

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The snakeskin is definitely what defines these sneakers, its a material more frequently seen on Nike and Adidas kicks, but rarely used by Vans.  The shoe also uses both black canvas and black suede, to create an interesting play on texture.  They're really easy to wear but a bit uncomfortable- I'm sure if you give them a good wearing or beat them up biking or skating and they'll be just as comfy as those white Authentics you've been wearing all summer.