Something for Everybody at Colette Paris

Colette is a name recognizable to anybody interested in sneakers and streetwear.  It's a concept shop in Paris on Rue St. Honoré that stocks the trendiest brands and over the years, it's released more than its share of special collaborations and exclusive items.  For SLS it was one of the places we were sure we had to go to when we found ourselves in the neighborhood.

Arriving at the front door, I was ready to drool over sneakers and t-shirts.  But inside, Colette was not what I pictured- there were some Nikes and some hyped t-shirts but nothing crazy.  What made me love Colette was the way the store was not just selling clothing, it was selling a lifestyle.

Spread over three meticulously curated floors, Colette Paris has something for everybody.  On the first floor, sneakers and tees sit next to a variety of books and indie magazines as well as a listening station for new beats.  Downstairs, you can relax at their Water Bar where, you guessed it, you can choose from a whole menu of water, some of them close to $20 a bottle.  Upstairs, contemporary fashion shines.  Mary Katrantzou sits next to Carven and Viktor & Rolf and if you walk towards the back, there's even an outpost dedicated to beauty products.

In the end, I was really impressed by Colette even though I didn't find myself buying anything (when I asked if there were any shirts that just said 'Colette' I was told that they were sold out).  The store was a true concept shop selling cool to anybody walking through the doors.  It's definitely worth checking out if you happen to find yourself in Paris.