Fresh Inc Amsterdam Has Swag On Tap

Amsterdam's thriving streetwear and sneaker scene has created a fashion environment where independent brands can shine.  Stores like

Fresh Inc

are pushing mainstream out and bringing in super niche brands in limited quantities to satisfy the rapidly changing tastes of today's tumblr and instagram fashionistas.

Fresh Inc is located off of Spuistraat in Amsterdam's city center and is a minimalist store that lets its stock of tees, hats and sweatshirts do the talking.  Inside you'll find everything from



Favela Maison





.  Haven't heard of these brands?  That's exactly the point.  Fresh Inc is sourcing these up and coming brands to create an ever changing, hyper trendy lineup.

If you find yourself in the area, make sure you drop by Fresh Inc and hit up the rest of our

Amsterdam favorites

as well!