Jeune & Poli: An ISSUU Photography Zine

We love independent print material over here at the SLS, so when we discovered


we could've died and gone to heaven. ISSUU is a website where you, yes you, can easily put together and publish your own online zine. Too cool.

Upon this great discovery, we came across

Jeune & Poli

, a photography zine by a duo from Bordeaux, Michel and Juliette, who are in love with photography, just like us. So far they have three issues total, all displaying the duo's photos in a paired down, simple way that lets the work speak for itself. The basic format allows the readers to interpret the diptychs any way they choose. The zines tell a story, but the story is totally up to the reader.

We totally recommend spending some of your free time browsing the site, you'll find some really talented artists and creativity abounds. Share your finds with us below. Also check out the newest issue of

Jeune & Poli

, online now, as well as a sample from the zine below.