A Quick Stroll Through Dumbo Arts Festival 2013

Since we first attended the

Dumbo Arts Festival

last year, we've been looking forward to this year's version ever since. We made a really dumb(o) mistake, however, and decided to drive there. After a lot of traffic and cursing, we were only able to wander around for about an hour or so, but ended up seeing a lot of amazing art, including giant macarons and a lady sleeping on a bed in the middle of the street.

Check out what we happened to spot down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass (yes, that's the awkward phrase DUMBO stands for) this year. For more info about the Dumbo Arts Festival, click



Ship of Tolerance

by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov above.


by Daisuke Kiyomiya

Ceci est un coeur

by Esmerelda Kosmatopoulos

Rainbow Pixies

by Tang-Wei Hsu