Photographer Focus: Sophie Pellegrini

Basically, I want to take a nap in every one of

Sophie's photos

. They're all super calming, and definitely good dream inducing, no nightmares allowed. This girl is multi talented, her landscapes shine as well as her portraits, the latter being what she prefers shooting. She's a fan of photos that spark some kind of emotion in her, and transport her outside of reality, which is exactly what her work is doing to us. Check out more of her work on


, as well as a short and sweet interview with the artist below.


I was born and raised in Potomac, Maryland, but I am currently attending school in Lewiston, Maine.

favorite camera

Probably my Polaroid One-Step. But I kind of have different favorite cameras for different occasions or subjects.

random fact about yourself

 I'm a super taster, which means I have many more taste buds than the average human, so I experience tastes about 3 times as strong as most. It's cool in theory, but it means I'm a very picky eater, which is hindering (and provides grounds for lots of exasperation and teasing by friends and family).

favorite subject matter to shoot

Humans. Every person is so multidimensional and impossible to pick apart, but looking at them through a lens...that gives you a peek into a part of their world that they sometimes don't even know is there.

photographers you admire

 An endless list! Tim Barber, Ryan McGinley, Francesca be honest, I get so overwhelmed by this question, because there are so many incredible talents, and the Internet makes their work so accessible for view.

what makes a great photo

 For me, it's a photo that stirs something inside of me. I love photos that make me think, that make me feel nostalgic, uncomfortable, in awe of the world, hopeful, inspired. There's no one way to go about achieving that, it's just a gift some people have, and it's a beautiful thing.

what makes a terrible photo

That's a tricky question. I guess I don't like to believe in terrible photos, because I don't believe art is that objective. No photograph, no matter how renowned the photographer, will receive a positive response from every viewer. Similarly, I think every photograph can be appreciated by someone.

why do you love photography

 In a simplified answer, I love taking photographs because it's a way for me to make sense of this incredibly overwhelming, strange, wonderful, tragic world, and at the same time, it can transport me outside reality into a fictionalized world in a way nothing else can. I cherish that.

do you do any other art?

 I've always been a big crafter, and I'm done a bit of mixed media/commercial art. I love creating things with my hands; it's incredibly therapeutic and rewarding to me.