Nike Free Flyknit City Pack - NYC Edition

Since the Nike Flyknit released last year, it has been my favorite sneaker for running, walking and everything in between.  Now, Nike has combined the ultra light upper of the Flyknit with the flexible sole of the Free Run to create the Nike Free Flyknit.

This past Friday, Nike Sportswear at 21 Mercer Street in Soho released the Nike Free Flyknit City Pack.  The release contained a special display of the City Pack including Tokyo, Paris and London (above), but the obvious highlight was the New York City edition which sold out on the spot.  The Free Flyknit NYC's color scheme caters to the city's edgy and sometimes dirty atmosphere placing splashes of white and gray on a primarily black design.

The Free Flyknit sneaker is designed to fit like a sock, snug against the foot with an elastic opening that hugs the ankle.  The shoe makes use of laces, but they are really only for decoration (though on the City Pack the cool lace locks make the laces a necessity).  The shoe fits and seems to handle the same without them.  The sole is a flexible and comfortable 5.0 sole, so if you've run with a Free Run 3, these will feel similar on the road but fit your foot in a totally different way. Sizing is true, but if you plan on wearing socks, make them thin, these shoes don't really need them.

Overall, they're an awesome set of sneakers that are worth a try for their interesting look and cutting edge technology.  I can't wait to see what new colors and possible HTM versions the Free Flyknit will yield in the future.  Check out more pictures of the NYC edition below.