Photographer Focus: Raouia Boularbah

Raouia has a keen eye for color and composition. Her portraits are unique, and each one tells a story that could be over 1000 words. She captures her subjects naturally, which can be difficult when you're pointing a camera in someones face. Her attention to detail is what really makes her photos shine. Taking a peek at her


, these aspects of her photography carry through, making it very impressive. Check out more of her work on


, and read a quick Q&A with the artist below.


Marrakesh, Morocco

favorite camera

Nikon D800

random fact about yourself

When I was eleven, I had a role in a Sherine nechat movie but sadly, it never seen a light of day.

favorite subject matter to shoot

 People who intrigue me. I always try to talk and get to know those people so I can shoot them one day.

photographers you admire

 Guy aroch, Magdalena Wosinska and especially Vivian Maier

what makes a great photo

 The little details. A shadow, a light, a glance..

what makes a terrible photo

 a photo where the subject is trying to pose too much.

why do you love photography

 Because it makes me happy.

Do you do any other art? 

Yes ! I study Graphic design and I also love to make videos and animations from now and then.