Gadgets as Rugged as You are by Outdoor Tech

This is a brand that boasts "Unless you're really really really really trying to break them, they will hold up." That's my kind of product.

Outdoor Tech

is a company that makes awesome, durable, oftentimes water resistant electronic devices that make your life easier (and more fun). That cute little guy above is called a Turtle Shell, and plays music wirelessly via bluetooth. This little baby is water resistant, and is the perfect solution for pool-side tunes, or a great companion for a picnic in the park. You can even mount it on your bike and make it the new 80s ghetto blaster. The possibilities are endless.

Outdoor Tech also makes a plethora of other cool gadgets, like an affordable case that makes your iPhone waterproof (and the camera still works, imagine the possibilities) and headphones with swipe technology. Check out some more photos here, and of course visit their website for the full range of must-have rugged, tech-y devices.