The Newsstand - Hipster Publications at the Lorimer L Train in Brooklyn

Subway Newsstands: Where back issues of XXL sit neglected in display windows, and candy bars of questionable age are sold to desperate hungry people... that is, until now.  Well not exactly now, but pretty recently when the hippest magazine kiosk on the planet, ironically named,

The Newsstand,

opened at the Metropolitan Avenue G Train/ Lorimer L Train stop in Brooklyn.

Situated right in the transfer path between the G and the L trains in Williamsburg, The Newsstand sits in what may be the most hipster heavy location in the city.  Its goods range from minimally branded disposable lighters (for hand rolled cigarettes only), to self published mini zines (you really wouldn't understand), to free arts newspapers (doubles as rolling papers/blankets).  All jokes aside, it's a super cool take on a traditional concept- a great way to add some color and culture to a frenzied commute and promote the arts and subcultures to passersby who might normally not get the chance to experience them.  Even though at the prime intersection of Brooklyn and Brooklyn, you'd think The Newsstand would find itself a permanent home, but alas it's a limited engagement moving out at the end of July.  Check out some pics below.

The Newsstand

Hipster News Emporium - Open through July, 2013

Lorimer L Train Subway Stop / Metropolitan Avenue G Train Stop