Carrier Pigeon Magazine

"Aw, sick! A chicken with a machine gun" I heard Paul exclaim, as we ventured into the next booth at Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. Initially attracted by the armed poultry, we naturally wanted to know more about this awesome art. We ended up talking with Russ, printmaker extaordinaire, about Carrier Pigeon, an artist driven quarterly publication of illustrated fiction and art. 

Russ helped us explore several issues of Carrier Pigeon, and we were totally blown away by the quality of work put into each magazine.  Every meticulously crafted edition comes with something totally unique - some hold limited edition prints, one has a letterpress death letter, and another with a magnetic sculpture (see below). Basically, the magazine isn't just full of amazing art, it's a piece of art itself. Ok, so after seeing all of this amazingness, we had to ask, how much? We were totally blown away when Russ told us each issue is $25 - a total steal in our opinion, especially when some mass produced fashion magazines charge upwards of $50 an issue.  You can buy a year's subscription to Carrier Pigeon, 4 issues, for $80. We highly suggest checking out Carrier Pigeon and supporting the incredible contributing artists - you can learn more about them on their Facebook page and website.